2021 Cayuse – Greg Bowen Design
Cayuse application design


Streamlining UX and Enhancing Brand Representation

Client: Cayuse

Role: Senoir UX Designer


Cayuse, a leading provider of cloud-based compliance solutions, faced several challenges as it continued to grow and modernize its software. Upgrading legacy products, aligning newly acquired properties with brand standards, and ensuring customer satisfaction were top priorities when I joined the team.


I collaborated closely with Cayuse's user experience, engineering, and management teams to help design and modernize their products. Through in-depth stakeholder interviews and working directly with customer advisory boards, we gathered valuable insights into customer needs and areas that were causing frustration. Based on this feedback, we developed user-centered solutions that leveraged existing designs, delivering real value to Cayuse's customers.


Working alongside the creative director, design, and technology teams, we created a set of flexible UX standards that could be applied across multiple products. From discovery to the delivery of high-fidelity prototypes, modern solutions were provided that helped Cayuse align its offerings and properly reflect its brand. The result was a streamlined, user-friendly suite of compliance solutions that improved science outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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