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The Future of Gaming

Superframe is an independent game studio creating games for desktop, consoles and VR. We have one successful VR game behind us and have 3 more releasing in 2020



Explore the galaxy on a mission of science and discovery. Decode the mystery of a lost alien civilization as you travel the galaxy in search of life and an exoplanet to call home.


Sipher brings the world of “Cyberspace” to VR in the form of a fast-paced shooter. Fight to protect the digital dimension as you fight the evil program Psykor.


Gravstar is a gravity-based puzzle game coming to Android and iOS in 2020.


Trip is an arcade game that blends beautiful colors, hypnotic rhythm. Users gather the speed and energy necessary to complete levels of varying difficulty. Popular licensed electronic music set the backdrop for exciting challenges and meditative gameplay.

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