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Superframe is an indie game studio currently making the sci-fi adventure game Exo. Explore the galaxy as a reasearch android, discovering new life and trying to find a way back home. Decode the language of an ancient race as you discover the mysteries of the Universe.

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The Latest:


Sipher brings the world of “Cyberspace” to VR in the form of a fast-paced shooter. Fight to protect the digital dimension as you battle the evil program Psykor.


Gravstar is a gravity-based puzzle game available for iPhones and Apple Tablets.

GDC 2019

GDC 2019 was a good success for us. We got great feedback and met some influential industry professionals. We presented our pitch deck for “Sipher” to a few individuals in the gaming community and received some much-needed feedback. We also got a few people to play our game. Self-contained VR headsets are great to bring to events like this.

Oculus Connect

Oculus Connect’s annual VR conference is an extraordinary opportunity to meet makers of all types, gather feedback on your game projects, and preview the literal edge of what is happening in VR tech. Two days of talks, demos, and access to the best minds in the industry. There is an element of chance, an opportunity to hustle, and great support and feedback from all sides.
There were many highlights for us and we were getting amazing feedback from just about everyone. We were lucky to get well-known industry leaders to provide feedback for our Exo game.


Trip is an arcade game that blends beautiful colors, hypnotic rhythm. Users gather the speed and energy necessary to complete levels of varying difficulty. Popular licensed electronic music set the backdrop for exciting challenges and meditative gameplay.